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I am limitless...
but here's an expression of myself at this moment in time...
artist, visionary, self employed, creative spirit ... sweet, serious and deep, with a certain sense of innocence in my view of the world. ... upbeat and playful, unless i'm not ... sometimes I'm a little dark and twisty. but usually I am more connected to the brighter things.

I enjoy tapping into all that there is to be enjoyed in this beautiful world. inclined to progressive thinking, and pushing the limits of my extremes. I don't have everything all figured out, but I love the journey of exploration.

i believe life is an experiment of sorts. and i want to explore.

It is my practice to be the truest expression of my self that I know how to be at this moment in time. with the expectation that this expression will be different over the course of my lifetime. my opinions will grow and change, my outlook will morph ... and that is ok. that is the journey. and I'm on a journey of good, good stuff. ready to enjoy...




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